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Is there construction traffic?

Yes. During construction there will be additional traffic. Construction of wind turbines is relatively quick, however, compared to other types of power plants. Some can be brought online in a matter of months, versus natural gas power plants, for example, which can take two years or more to construct.

Although construction is temporary, it will require heavy equipment, including bulldozers, graders, trenching machines, concrete trucks, flatbed trucks and large cranes.

The process involves

  • land clearing, grading, laying out access roads, turbine sites and cable routes
  • excavating and pouring concrete foundations
  • digging trenches for underground electrical cables
  • laying electrical and communication cables
  • building overhead collection system, substation and transmission lines to the utility system (if required)
  • assembling and erecting wind turbine towers
  • mounting nacelles on top of towers
  • attaching rotors
  • making electrical connections between towers and power collection system, and
  • testing the system