About us

Free Breeze Inc. has positioned itself to be a leader in supplying medium to large wind turbines to the worldwide market. The Free Breeze product line may suit a variety of applications such as FIT (Feed in Tariff ) programs, Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and net-metering for community projects and wind farms. Since its founding in Canada, Free Breeze has enjoyed unprecedented growth selling wind turbines to many diverse international clients and is proud to be "Setting the Standard for Wind Technology".

That experience has helped us meet the growing demands of the wind energy market, and with several offices around the globe we are able to assist clients with a variety of project needs, in a variety of locations.

Free Breeze has been a part of many wind turbine installations throughout North America, including but not limited to California and Texas, USA, and Alberta and Ontario, Canada. With many more turbines in various locations being erected each year we are pleased to continually expand our long list of installations.

Free Breeze is a distributor for various manufacturers, which allows us to offer ample choice in power levels and specifications to suit individual projects. Free Breeze has established a reputation for integrity and professional competence over its time in the industry, while also acquiring the kind of highly specialized knowledge that produces exceptional service for clients. We strive to exceed client expectations, and with our selection of legendary and proven products we are successful in our mission.

Free Breeze offers one of the fastest delivery times in the industry. We have the resources to economically, efficiently and safely provide all logistics needed to deliver the turbine and tower to sites across North America and around the world. Free Breeze is proud to offer a wide selection of products for the North American market.