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V47-660 660KW Wind Turbine

Free Breeze offers re-manufactured V47's with the same warranty as new. It has always been a premier performer in its class, and has made it the turbine of choice for a wide variety of applications, including wind farms and community power projects. Not surprisingly, an acclaimed pedigree has laid the foundation for the turbine's consistent performance and efficient operation.

The V47 is fitted with components from such reputable firms as Moventas , suppliers of the gear box . The nacelle, along with its 23-meter blades, is re-manufactured in a technologically advanced, climate-controlled facility. It is available for both the 50 and 60 hertz markets, and thanks to its similarities with other Vestas turbines, end users of the V47-660 have access to a wide supply of local parts and thoroughly trained technicians. See PDF Brochure link for documentation on the re-manufacturing process.

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