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V47-600 600kW Wind Turbine

A premier performer in its class, the V47-600kW (PS600) Wind Turbine Generator boasts a long history of proven reliability and performance, coupled with low operating costs. The V47-600's versatility has made it the turbine of choice for a wide variety of applications, including wind farms and community power projects. Not surprisingly, an acclaimed pedigree has laid the foundation for the turbine's consistent performance and efficient operation.

The V47-600 is fitted with components from such reputable firms as Moventas and Siemens Ltd., suppliers of the gear box and generator, respectively. The turbine, along with its 23-meter blades, is manufactured in a technologically advanced, climate-controlled facility, where a microprocessor (VMP) controls pitch regulation to ensure a perfectly refined product. It is available for both the 50 and 60 hertz markets, and thanks to its similarities with other turbines, end users of the V47-600 have access to a wide supply of local parts and thoroughly trained technicians.

With a demonstrated history of consistent, high-quality performance, the V47-600 has proven itself to be a reliable investment in a variety of locations and weather conditions. Thanks to its specialized design it can withstand ambient temperatures from +50C to -20C, and even lower with the installation of the optional winter package.

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